Friday, October 29, 2010

Douche-con 5: A Strategy for the Final Days Before the Midterms

The Friday Before.

Both sides are officially in high dudgeon.. Either it's a conservative pounding a fist about "the gutter media's attacks on conservative women." or it's a liberal sanctimonifying about the GOP's gains being the fruits of an evil sham based on nothing but unscrupulous lies.

The takeawy for the sane?

Clearly we're now at douche-con 5, folks. DOUCHE-CON 5.

 Red  Alert. The future of the republic rests on a razor's edge, and the outcome is in your hands.

So, 4 days until the election. You won't see or hear any new arguments in these closing days. Just higher volume, higher frequency, more vitriol, and more dirty tricks. Pretend revelations. Arm-waving.

 What a great weekend not to watch TV or answer the phone or read a poll or an editorial. Hug your kids, Take your spouse to dinner. Go for a walk. Let things settle and digest. Remain calm. Don't be afraid. If the poison energy of the election comes your way, take the long way round.

Then, on Tuesday. Please vote. Think both of yourself and of your fellow Americans. Do the best you can. On Wednesday the sun will rise, Earth will turn, and we'll keep picking up the pieces.


  1. Oh, we've been at DC-5 for weeks now. One of the few things I don't like about the trend to advance voting is that it extends the "No Sense" zone from days to weeks. We start to get our "October Suprises" in September now, but that also gives the candidates some lead time to respond and debunk, which is a good thing.

    The last week or two remains full of unmitigated rabble-rousing crap and dirty tricks anyway, precisely because there's no time for response, debunking, and mitigation. Ah well, c'est la politique. Thus has it ever been.

    But I think on the whole the advantages of advance voting outweigh the disadvantages.

  2. Oh yeah, also on the plus side of advance voting is that it shifts the nature of voter fraud towards more detectable and preventable forms. The old standards of poll-packing and phantom voters become less effective. (Which seriously annoys the more urban cheaters -- I'll skip the observations of whom inherently that hurts most.)