Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Comparative Political Demonology

Comparative Political Demonology? What's that? Well, Comparative Political 
Demonology relates to blogs, blog comments, dialogue, and the tendency
to get diverted away from new insight and into well formed ruts of political 

I'll take a stab at a working definition, subject to change. 

Comparative Political Demonology is a dialogue pattern in which 
participants, usually political partisans, turn the subject of conversation 
towards the question of which side is worse. Attribution, to the best of my 
knowledge, goes to my old blog buddy Tully, who on occasion blogs at 
Flyover Notes

Tully has given me reason to believe he is, as they sometimes say, 
a real smart fella. I'm happy to praise his name for the simple fact 
that on many occasions he has gifted me with new and useful insight. 
Further, I have reason to believe that he's every bit as cranky as I am. 
Which is also praise.


  1. Tully does not have time to cross post here. He is supposed to be cross posting at my blog.

  2. Hee hee. Lately I try to post at least one post a month, for assorted reasons. Cross-posted to DWSUWF if it looks appropriate. I mostly manage it. Life is busy of late.

    The short definition of CPD™ can be found here in the SF archives, along with a few other short-hand definitions.