Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Sane Accounting of Facts Surrounding the Ground Zero Mosque

One of my very favorite writers and critical thinkers, Cathy Young, has composed a very sane and thoughtful accounting of the facts surrounding the proposed construction of the "ground zero mosque." Thanks, Cathy.

No excerpts. Do yourself a favor. Click through and read the whole thing.

Cathy has a long time affiliation with Reason magazine. She used to be a columnist at the Boston Globe but was downsized out a few years back. Probably not inflammatory enough. She writes for RealClearPolitics these days too.

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  1. A well-balanced take by Young.

    Rauf is proving to be his own worst enemy when it comes to the GZM project. For someone who claims to be dedicated to fostering tolerance he displays surprisingly little of it himself, and seems totally tone-deaf to opportunities to win support by doing so.